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Queensland Government

Building and Asset Services engaged BIG Consulting to assist the BIP organisation with an IT strategy to define and design a solution to replace a legacy system being decommissioned. 

Our consultants worked closely with internal business units and external stakeholders to deliver a set of business and functional design documents which articulate the best approach, schedule and activities to develop and implement a solution.

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Horizon power

Horizon Power required BIG Consulting's functional Ellipse experts to assist in BAU activities and testing of their Ellipse 8.3.30 ERP.

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BIG consultants worked collaboratively with Stanwell to assist with Project Management duties. 

The engagement also included a development component to design and implement a tool to allow Stanwell to effectively and quickly interrogate/validate ERP security data.

Glencore Xstrata

Glencore Xstrata engaged BIG Consulting to develop a complete end-to-end mobile warehousing solution. This solution replaced an existing cumbersome solution which proved too disparate and not cost effective to maintain. 

BIG consulting are also engaged to provide specialist consultants in ERP & SCM to work collaboratively with Glencore Xstrata personnel on BAU activities in numerous business units and sites.